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Officially established in 2021, Nourish the Soul started helping the community in 2010. It was established through The Academy of Innovative Learners; a local preschool, to introduce helping and serving community members in need for our Pre-K program. We started out with coat drives, food drives, and holiday food box program (The Gracegiving Program). We started with the names of families in need through local public-school systems as well as churches, and would provide holiday meals with all the trimmings during Thanksgiving and Christmas. With that being a success, we were able to even help provide gifts for families during the Christmas season.

Being able to give freely through grace, kindness and love has grew into helping anyone who reached out by providing them with necessities such as: food, clothes, personal care items, rides, gas, groceries, a safe space to live, and more! We currently offer the Gracegiving Program and provide personal care products along with other household items as needed and as we have them available to give.  


My name is Brandy Rodriquez and my entire life I have been called to serve in one way or another. I have always strived to teach my family and children to do the same. We are only provided with one life, and the biggest blessing and rewards are to give even when you don't have anything to give. 

I have owned The Academy of Innovative Learners Preschool since 2007, the school has changed, adapted, grown and everything in between. Through the school, we have established Nourish Farms. On the grounds we have a 36 bed/container garden, 23 chickens, 2 goats and a beautiful outdoor space. As we continue to work and grow Nourish the Soul, our hopes are to continue to surpass what we're doing now. The program in general has been funded by our family, close friends, and The Academy of Innovative Learners. Our goal is to share our passion for the Jefferson City area and create relationships to further our ability to assist those in need. 

Our long-term goals (with the community's help) is to offer various outreach programs including farming/gardening classes (farm to table), food/nutrition cooking classes, peer-to-peer teenage counseling, a native healing garden for safe healing and wellness, an orchard that will provide fresh fruits and nuts to our preschool and community, animal therapy, a veteran's memorial to build community support for local veterans and more. As we are a new organized non-profit we are seeking to partner with others in the community to develop additional programs raise funds and awareness so that we can make a difference in the lives around us. 

We commit to providing a safe and healthy culture for the mind, body, and soul. Through our outreach programs, we are committed to providing support to help nourish the soul.  
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